MF GreenLight

Case Studies

Nonprofit Organization


Our team was given the opportunity to work with a successful, grass-roots volunteer organization whose mission is to mentor and educate students in the inner city. The program was struggling with volunteer retention, lack of accountability measures, and weak performance management. The causes of the problems were the team’s resistance to its ever increasing diversity and the program’s lack of effective and sensitive management of its staff and volunteers.

Through a series of diversity and inclusion trainings followed by divisional team coaching workshops, the program’s leaders and volunteers were able to develop internal policies and practices designed to embrace and leverage the diversity of all program stakeholders. Program managers also participated in coaching sessions focused on performance management and volunteer motivation. This led to increased recruitment and retention giving the program the ability to reach more clients without increasing expenditures.

Media Company


The focus and vision of the company’s creative team was suffering due to long-standing, unresolved conflicts and past resentments. This resulted in limited collaboration, pervasive negativity and a decline in innovation. The company’s bottom line was suffering as client’s began seeking other firms for their marketing needs.

MF GreenLight delivered a comprehensive team building program designed to uncover, uproot, and resolve past differences. The team began developing and implementing a new process of accountable collaboration. The team’s leaders engaged in an intensive development process to develop their coaching skills and better manage the team’s performance. With on-going coaching the team’s collaboration and creativity flourished resulting in increased client retention and improved morale.

Financial Services Company

dollar sign

The client was a newly appointed leader charged with merging two teams. The leader possessed exceptional technical knowledge but was challenged by the size of the team and its diversity of functions. His unrefined management skills led him to doing more hands-on work at the expense of focusing on the bigger picture. He was also challenged by long-time poor performing employees resistant to change.

We coached the leader on how to work smarter, not harder, through effective prioritizing, delegation and time management. This enabled him to move his focus from a tactical position to a more strategic role. The leader was also coached on how to effectively manage performance and increase employee commitment and motivation. The coaching benefited the company by developing a leader who has been able to exceed his division’s goals by focusing on the long-term vision.

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