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Services : Team Building

Teams are dynamic systems with their own spoken and unspoken rules, norms, expectations and moods. At times these elements can create conflict and a decline in productivity. Effective team building focuses on the whole as a system, and the interrelationships among team members. There is more to team building than coaching individuals to become better team members. The team must be coached as its own entity, independent of the needs of any single member.

Our team-building model works from the premise that successful teams have the ability to take action and build effective relationships to motivate and sustain that action. We partner with teams to optimize their productivity and promote positivity. Having the tools and materials is not enough to achieve outstanding results. A high level of positive engagement and ways to neutralize negativity are crucial to insuring on-going success.

Our team-building efforts are tailored to each team’s construct. We work with intra/inter-departmental teams, project or task teams, multi-level management or executive teams, and merged organization teams.

Our Team Building Process

Working with an expert team of facilitator coaches, the client team is guided through a process that creates alignment and accountability for maximum effectiveness. Our process provides a range of customized team skills training, team coaching, and on-going follow-up.


Step 1 : Needs Analysis

  • Meetings with client to identify goals, objectives, and success indicators
  • Assign roles and responsibilities
  • Plan and determine logistics

Step 2 : Diagnostic Assessment

  • Administer on-line diagnostic instruments to each team member
  • Conduct confidential interviews with team members

Step 3 : Program Design

  • Develop team building workshop based on diagnostic assessment
  • Review design with client

Step 4 : Team Building Workshops

  • Conduct on-site team-building sessions (one- or two-day programs)

Step 5 : Follow-Up

  • Conduct monthly facilitated team teleconference for up to six months